Welcome to my gallery of quilts.  I live in Brighton, Michigan.  I have been quilting for 40 years, evolving from traditional patterns and hand quilting to more modern/art styles with mostly machine quilting.

I hope you enjoy these!   Comments/questions about purchases and commissions are welcome.  Katie



This is a large quilt, about 56 X 56.  It hangs on my sewing room wall.  2004

quilt and studio


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Bed Quilt for Mike and Sapna

My nephew Mike and his bride Sapna were married in August, in a traditional Hindu ceremony. The bride wore a beautiful burgundy gown with a long train. Most of the family and friends attending wore very colorful and traditional Indian clothing. I wanted to make the newlyweds a quilt that reminded them of their wedding, the gown and the colors. It is queen-sized. (Quilted by Laura Jarvis)



Oops, for some reason I did not post this portrait, my first effort in this series. Gave her braids of yellow yarn and a fancy head decoration. I think she’s going to a party.



Using my black and white prints, I did free-cut circles, a favorite technique. I decided I wanted just a bit of color, so I added red braid trim in some of the blocks as well as top and bottom red borders. That black/white fabric in diamond pattern reminded me of clowns or jesters. And then the blocks have a twirling effect. So, “Funhouse”. 42 x 30″



This one is not new, finished in 2006. But I haven’t posted it before. It was started in a quilt workshop taught by Priscilla Bianchi, a wonderful quilt artist from Guatemala. She brought with her some scraps of colorful Guatemalan fabric (the lower border stripe is one). I almost completed the whole piece in the class. When I got home, I did not have my piece! How could I have lost it? I went back to the workshop building and asked the staff if anyone had turned it in. No. I searched around the classrooms and even the parking lot. I could not find it anywhere.

So I went home and reproduced my piece from memory! It’s called Dancers because of the swaying effect of the towers and their party fringe. 25 x 23″