Welcome to my gallery of quilts.  I live in Brighton, Michigan.  I have been quilting for 40 years, evolving from traditional patterns and hand quilting to more modern/art styles with mostly machine quilting.

I hope you enjoy these!   Comments/questions about purchases and commissions are welcome.  Katie



This is a large quilt, about 56 X 56.  It hangs on my sewing room wall.  2004

quilt and studio


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Mid-Arm Quilting

I recently purchased a Baby Lock Coronet, which is a mid-arm quilting machine.  It looks and works like a long-arm machine, but it is smaller and less expensive.  I’m still learning how to use it (there are 9 steps to threading the needle).  And positioning and rolling/clamping the quilt sandwich (top, batting, and back) is a bit of a challenge.  I’ve almost finished my first art quilt, which I’m proud of, but I know I have a long way to go to master the Coronet.  I was actually surprised that the quilting surface was somewhat small, but I’m told it can quilt any bed-sized quilt. Look below to see the two roller bars, clamping system, and handlebars for steering.

Coronet 1


Etude in Pink and Orange

Today I thought I would feature a quilt that I did in 2009.  It is stretched on a square canvas-covered wood frame, which is a good way to display smaller quilts if you can locate or build the right size frame.

I took a class from quilt artist Carol Taylor that year, and she had us doing very thin fabric inserts that wave and flow.  I really liked that technique.  I had also been doing some stenciling work and had some interesting pink and orange fabrics to use.  Then I added to the mix a wonderful silver raw silk fabric.  There is minimal quilting on this, just the hand-stitched lines that extend the central pattern into the border.  I’m sharing a detail too so you can see that better.  (I called it “Etude,” French for “study,” because I thought it needed a fancy name!)

etude in pink and orange (2)



Etude detail

Firewall, and what to do when you don’t like what you’ve got

I took some of my ice-dyed fabrics and did quarter circles with them.  The fabrics themselves are very interesting, but this combination did not work. !

Too busy/crazy and not enough contrast.

ice dyes uglies #1

So, I sliced some of the blocks.  Just freehand with my rotary cutter.  Here’s an example.

ice dye uglies #2


Then I found an interesting variegated commercially-printed fabric (rosy red through browns to teal) that went nicely with some of the slices.

ice dye uglies #3

You can still see the curves of the original blocks in that.  I finally used two of the original blocks that had been sliced.  Found a perfect complementary stripey fabric in my fabric collection for the border.  Here’s what my final piece looks like.  A big improvement.  It’s called Firewall.

Firewall 4



Circus Maximus

I did a lot of ice-dyeing this summer and fall.  Now, what to do with these wonderful fabrics.  I have lots of ideas floating in my head.  This quilt, about 45″ square, is one of the first to make it to the finish line.

Circus Maximus