Welcome to my gallery of quilts.  I live in Brighton, Michigan.  I have been quilting for 40 years, evolving from traditional patterns and hand quilting to more modern/art styles with mostly machine quilting.

I hope you enjoy these!   Comments/questions about purchases and commissions are welcome.  Katie



This is a large quilt, about 56 X 56.  It hangs on my sewing room wall.  2004

quilt and studio


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New Year

Yes, it’s a new year, 2021, and we are all thankful that there is a vaccine for COVID-19. This piece (21 X 30″) features my hand-dyed fabrics (and a few commercial prints) Some of the hand-dyed are also stenciled. I love the vibrant colors. Two detail photos below.


This wild piece is about 28 X 29″. I started by pulling out yellow, orange and red fabrics, then added hot pink and a little turquoise as I went along. Detail below. Good colors for grey days!

Green Pathways

I used some hand-dyed green as a starting point for this one, adding commercial print fabrics with some darks and lights for contrast and interest. I had lots of green strips from another project that I used around the edges. Continuing my interest in the free-cut circle forms. Size is 28″ x 42″.


Am I Blue?

“Am I Blue” is a bluesy kind of song from 1929. I learned it from a friend in high school. This piece features some nice blues, plus black and white for contrast. Circular quilting in the center area. 25 X 38″ Detail below.


This piece started with the stripes. A colorful variety. (and I didn’t use all that I had!) I wanted to add black and white for contrast and interest. Here is what happened. Size: 32 X 33″

And here is a detail: