My sewing room

Some viewers might like to see my sewing room.  Just took some photos, with no preparation or clean up, so you could really see how messy it becomes when I have about 5 projects going.

First one is my cutting table, with a yard long cutting mat.  It’s usually so cluttered I have to put things away to make room to cut.  Next, my treasured Bernina sewing machine in a nice sewing table on wheels.  At the right there are threads in an old print box.  And there’s a nice view out to the backyard.  Then, (some of) my fabric “collection”.  It would take several lifetimes to use up even half of this.  And finally, my design wall, which is made of two large wood-framed canvases, covered in gray flannel.  There’s a rocking chair there too, but it is more of a hold-all than a chair.  And there’s a big basket on the floor, just filled with I don’t know what.








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