Joe’s Crosses

Joe Cunningham is a professional quilter, originally from Michigan and now living in California. He comes back to his home state frequently, and the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild invited him to teach. Like me, he started decades ago with traditional patchwork patterns and hand stitching. But now– wow! You can see some of his stuff here:

He told the class to use 3 or 4 fabrics, cut them into straight-edge shapes and re-sew them into a 24” square (I think I got that right). It wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Once we did that, he told us to do 3 more of the same exercise. As in so many classes I take, I was not particularly in love with my project but I did love the technique and enjoyed seeing what other students came up with.

Recently I re-visited my class project, chose one of the samples, and added crosses. Then hand stitched on them. I sent this to Joe and he graciously approved! I named it “Joe’s Crosses.”

Joe's crosses


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