Bed Quilts

Yes, I’ve done quite a few bed quilts.  My very first was in 1975, a log cabin.  I dutifully put red squares in the center of each block.  This was before rotary cutters you know: using scissors, I cut each strip into the length and width required by the block– never thinking I could just cut long strips and then cut them to fit as I sewed them in place. It was very colorful, mostly calicos.  And king -sized!  I could not quilt such a large one (nor did I know how or want to) so I sent it to a church group that did quilting bees for a fee that went to the church.  I don’t have a photo any more. 😦

  Took some quilting classes, learned some stuff.  I began doing hand quilting. Did a few small pieces, pillows, and lap quilts. A nice person who believed in my work commissioned me to do a double wedding ring for her new husband and her. 1983. I used polished cotton for the background, and hand-quilted it.

Now I’ve done about 20 bed-sized quilts, and here are some.


Colin and Mesha’s quilt

Barn Raising

Saarinen birthday quilt 002

Lily helps with basting

Lily helps

Here it is at the lake house, where it now resides.

Saarinen birthday quilt at lake house


Taylor and Christine’s quilt

2014-08-17 09.29.52


Detail of Burgundy Stars

2014 various 011


Mike and Karen’s quilt

M&K quilt full2

Here is this one on my design wall, it is a large quilt, and I had a heck of a time designing and sewing all those strips!

M-R quilt on design wall


Grandparents Quilt (for Katie)

2013-09-13 20.57.26


Jim’s Quilt

2014-06-01 10.55.22

 Kerry and Matt’s quilt

2007-09-27 16.00.54

Casey’s quilt

Casey quilt on bed

Sam and Maia’s quilt

Sam Maia

Max and Abby’s Quilt

Max Abby q2