Fashion Plate

In 2006, a small quilting group I belonged to issued a challenge to the members:  a quilt with the theme “whacky self-portrait”.  I took a photo of my face, enlarged it on paper, and cut out the face shape, the hair, the glasses, and the lips.  I used these as templates for the fabric face I created.  I’ve always liked fashion, although I’m well aware that my own wardrobe falls far short of NY high style!  In this quilt I am shopping and believing I’m really cool.  🙂

Fashion Plate


Party Quilts

Some years ago I made a pinwheel quilt in greens and other colors.  The pinwheel blocks are a slight variation on the traditional, the triangles are askew.  Each block is a little different.  Not enough to be noticeable until you really study on it.  Then later I made another one in blues and gave it to my niece.  I believe her brother hijacked it from her because it is now living with him in New York.  It was a lot of fun working on both of these.  Green title:  “It’s My Party”.   Blue title:  “Blue Party”.

IMG_3522 (2)

Karen with turquoise quilt

2014-12-13 08.41.30

Manhattan Quilt

I like to make strip sets– strips of fabric sewn together into blocks that can then be arranged however seems pleasing.  This quilt is one of those projects.  I am glad that I thought to extend the points into the black border so that it looks like it is hanging on point.  I also wanted the center to be lighter than the edge blocks.  It belongs to my nephew who lives in Manhattan.  I think it is a city quilt!

Mike's NYC quiltbest


New work

I made some triangle pieces with green/blue colors, and was going to put them together into squares like I had done with my red one, but decided to do something a little different.  I added large squares of some hand-dyed fabric, and then quilted it with straight lines as well as some leafy things.  I like it hanging on point.

IMG_3129 (2)

IMG_3132 (2)

Ice Dyeing

I’ve been doing some ice dyeing of fabric and scarves recently.  The effect can be made to look like tie-dye projects.  It involves soaking fabric, twisting or folding it, laying it in a pan, sprinkling on powdered dye, and then pouring ice cubes over the whole.  A day later the ice has melted into the fabric and the dye has dispersed, in surprising ways.

I have a good supply of hand-dyed fabric now, my next challenge is to use it in some quilts.  Here are a few samples of the scarves.




And here are a few samples of the dyed fabric.


Quilts on tables

My sister is a master decorator, her home is wonderfully full of beautiful things, artfully arranged.  Some years ago I made her a table cloth, a simple square pattern.  She uses it in their family lake house.

Karen's tablecloth

Recently I gave her a small art quilt, which showed up this week as a table topper for autumn decoration!

Gold cabin