Fraternal Twins

Here are two recent works using an identical cutting/sewing method but arranged in different ways.  The method starts with four fabrics (dark to light is good), cut to same dimension, stacked right side up.  Then using a rotary cutter, make 3 cuts in a quarter circle.  They don’t have to be perfect.

circle quilt demo

Now you have 4 pieces.  Re-arrange the four pieces so that you use 4 different fabric pieces in each block.  Make more blocks and put them on the design wall to see what happens.

My first one was arranged so that the blocks formed a circle pattern.  This one I called Circle Twin.

Circle Twin best

Then I did another and arranged the blocks so that the curves form waves.  I called this one Meander Twin.

Meander twin best

Here’s a detail on Circle Twin:

Circle Twin detail

I like both styles.  What about you?


Still Dancing, Saturday Morning

I made a quilt similar to this one some years ago.  It’s hanging in our living room.  I called it “Dancers“.  I decided to do another one because I am preparing for an exhibit/sale, and I wanted to show Dancers but not sell it!  This one is not a direct copy of the original, but obviously related, and they are still dancing.  🙂

Still dancing 2


Still dancing detail


I saw a quilt block idea online, and thought I would try this.  The solid fabric at one corner of each block is one of my hand-dyed fabric (you can see some variations in them).  I used up some of my scraps for the wonky strips.  The quilting is a circular pattern on each block (and there is quilting in the border but it is hard to see in this photo until you see the detail below).  Although in this photo the border fabric looks like it changes from dark at the left to lighter on the right, that is just a factor of the lighting in my sewing room.  The detail photo captures the true color.



Electricity detail

How They Fly

So, the title is from the song “Blue Skies”.  The background fabric is one of my ice dyed pieces, and that blue is just wonderful.  I need to do some more fabric like this!  I love putting strips of colored/patterned fabric together, with no particular plan, and see what develops.  The lower border piece is slightly wider than the top, as is often done when painted pieces are framed.


How they fly


How they fly detail

Meet Me in the Middle

I do love to make blocks and then arrange them on my design wall.  Some of the fabrics in this piece are hand-dyed, others are commercial fabrics.  And black/white prints are always welcome, right?  Size is 44 x 44 inches.  When I first started arranging blocks, I thought it would be good to have dark blocks at the lower left corner, and light blocks in upper right, with a blending of mid-value blocks in the center.  But I found that I didn’t like that much, so I changed it so the lighter ones are “in the middle”.

Meet me in the Middle large


MMintheM detail

Night in the Forest

The center portion of this piece is ice-dyed fabric, the border is a commercial fabric.  It’s 24 x 35 inches, really nice for a table runner, but can be displayed on a wall if you like.  I’ve been busy making a few new art quilts, to enter a juried show.  Another one will show up here soon!

Night in the forest


Night detail

When Lilacs Bloomed

I wanted to do a fast and fun project.  Loved the lilac colored fabric I used for each center.  This is a variation on the beloved log cabin pattern, with varied width of strips, and with angled corner pieces in each major block.  Used some of my ice-dyed fabric plus commercial prints.  Easy to do.  Now I want to do more quilts like this, in different colors.  Like eating potato chips!!


And, a detail, ready for quilting with safety pins in place:

Lilacs detail